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Self-Healing Nanotextured Vascular Engineering Materials Heading link

Self-Healing Nanotextured Vascular Engineering Materials

Author: Alexander L. Yarin, Min Wook Lee, Seongpil An, Sam S. Yoon

Common engineering materials reach in many applications their limits and new developments are required to fulfil increasing demands on engineering materials. The performance of materials can be increased by combining different materials to achieve better properties than a single constituent or by shaping the material or constituents in a specific structure. The interaction between material and structure may arise on different length scales, such as micro-, meso- or macroscale, and offers possible applications in quite diverse fields.
This book series addresses the fundamental relationship between materials and their structure on the overall properties (e.g. mechanical, thermal, chemical or magnetic etc) and applications.

Collision Phenomena in Liquids and Solids Heading link

collision phenomena in liquids and solids

Author: Alexander L. Yarin, Ilia V. Roisman, Cameron Tropea


A comprehensive account of the physical foundations of collision and impact phenomena and their applications in a multitude of engineering disciplines. In-depth explanations are included to reveal the unifying features of collision phenomena in both liquids and solids, and to apply them to disciplines including theoretical and applied mechanics, physics and applied mathematics, materials science, aerospace, mechanical and chemical engineering, and terminal ballistics. Covering a range of examples from drops, jets, and sprays, to seaplanes and ballistic projectiles, and detailing a variety of theoretical, numerical, and experimental tools that can be used in developing new models and approaches, this is an ideal resource for students, researchers, and practicing engineers alike

Fundamentals and Applications of Micro- and Nanofibers Heading link

Fundamentals and Applications of Micro- and Nanofibers

Author: Alexander L. Yarin, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Seeram Ramakrishna


A comprehensive exposition of micro and nanofiber forming, this text provides a unified framework of all these processes (melt and solution blowing, electrospinning, and so on) and describes their foundations, development and applications. It provides an up-to-date, in-depth physical and mathematical treatment, and discusses a wide variety of applications in different fields, including nonwovens, energy, healthcare and the military. It further highlights the challenges and outstanding issues from an interdisciplinary perspective of science and technology, incorporating both fundamentals and applications. Ideal for researchers, engineers and graduate students interested in the formation of micro and nanofibers and their use in functional smart materials.