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Drop manipulation in 3D printing
Drop manipulation in 3D printing
Drop Control by Electrowetting in 3D Printing
Bloodstain pattern analysis
Bloodstain pattern analysis
High-speed video analysis of forward and backward spattered blood droplets
Transparent Conducting Film, Heater, and Sensor
Nanofiber-based actuators, sensors, heaters and devices
Self‐Junctioned Copper Nanofiber Transparent Flexible Conducting Film via Electrospinning and Electroplating
Solution blowing setup
Solution blowing and electrospinning of nanofibers
Industrial-Scale Solution Blowing of Soy Protein Nanofibers
Electrohydrodynamics and electrostatic atomization.
Electrohydrodynamics and electrostatic atomization
Evidence of Faradaic Reactions in Electrostatic Atomizers
 Hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer
Hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer
Pool boiling in deep and shallow vessels and the effect of surface nano-texture and self-rewetting